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2016 – More Than 1,600 Workers Represented in Owed Wage & Benefit Cases

2016 – More Than 1,600 Workers Represented in Owed Wage & Benefit Cases

Lebau & Neuworth attorneys continue to champion the rights of workers to get the wages and benefits owed to them.

So far in 2016, Lebau & Neuworth has represented more than 1,600 workers in wage and employee benefits.

One of our pending cases involves hundreds of employees not paid overtime and the employer trying to hide its unlawful conduct. The federal court in Maryland has certified this case as a class action.

A second case, although much smaller in scope, shows how Lebau & Neuworth fight hard for all clients, even if the monetary recovery is limited. We have recently filed suit on behalf of several waiters and waitresses who were only paid straight time and not overtime when they worked overtime, had to share tips with workers who were ineligible to participate in a tip pool, and had their wages docked when customers failed to pay or when food was  dropped or bottles broken.

We are one of the most successful law firms in the Maryland region, dedicated to representing only employees, not employers or unions.

If you are seeking knowledgeable and successful employment legal representation, contact Lebau & Neuworth at 410-296-3030 or lebauneuworth.com/contact-us. We know this stuff!

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