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Two Major Overtime & Unpaid Wage Cases Settlements Obtained by Lebau & Neuworth

Two Major Overtime & Unpaid Wage Cases Settlements Obtained by Lebau & Neuworth

Lebau & Neuworth attorneys Richard Neuworth and Devan Wang achieved two major settlements for more than a thousand employees in two separate unpaid wage and overtime cases.

In Amrhein v. Regency Management Services, LLC (doing business as Ashley Furniture), workers were not paid all the commissions and overtime wages to which they were entitled. After scouring through thousands of pages of records and intense negotiations, Lebau & Neuworth settled the case, allowing for a substantial recovery for the workers. In addition, the employer paid attorney fees separately so that our clients were able to keep all of their recoveries.

In Jones v. Hoffberger Services, Lebau & Neuworth attorneys represented hundreds of workers who were not paid for all of the hours they worked, including overtime. After numerous depositions and the production of voluminous records, Lebau & Neuworth achieved a settlement by which workers were paid owed wages and penalty damages. Again, our clients kept their recoveries and the offending employer paid our attorney fees.

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