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Maryland has Seen Thousands of Wage-Theft Claims in Recent Years

The local Baltimore CBS station recent aired a segment that examied on the great extent at which Maryland workers are not paid the wages, including overtime, that are due to them.

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Lebau & Neuworth Scores Overtime Class Action Win

Lebau & Neuworth recently persuaded the federal court in Maryland to grant a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) collective action (a type of class action) for current and former in-home caregivers who worked for Visiting Angels in Maryland.

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BIG WIN FOR MARYLAND WORKERS: Wages Required for Employer-Required Activities Before or After Work

Maryland’s highest court has held that Maryland workers are entitled to get paid for some employer-required tasks performed before and/or after work.

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Minimum Wage Increase for Montgomery County Workers

Montgomery County has a new minimum wage as of July 1st of this year. Know your rights when it comes to what you should be paid and your minimum wage!

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Lebau & Neuworth Fights & Wins for Home Aides, Companions & Caregivers

Home healthcare aides, caregivers and companions often are victims of unlawful wage practices. But Lebau & Neuworth attorneys have a dedicated history of representing these workers to get the pay owed to them.

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Severance Pay as Owed Wages Under Maryland Law: Get Three Times the Amount

Another Maryland court has ruled that severance pay required by an employment contract can be considered owed “wages” under the Maryland Wage Payment & Collection Law and just not an item that has to be provided by contract terms.

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Federal Wage-Hour Law Expanded to Include Overtime ‘Gap’ Claims

Recently in Connor v. Cleveland County North Carolina, the federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, of which Maryland is part, held that the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) allows claims for unpaid straight-time wages in weeks when an employee works overtime hours.

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Lebau & Neuworth Attorneys Provide Updates on Maryland Employment Law Guide

Lebau & Neuworth attorneys Devan Wang and Richard Neuworth recently made presentations that updated several important chapters on Maryland Employment Law Guide.

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Important to Properly Determine Who is an “Employer” Under Maryland Wage Payment Laws

If you are owed wages and want to sue your employer, you need to make sure your lawyers sue all the parties who can be liable as an “employer,” including individuals.

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CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: When Working From Home, Employers Must Reimburse For Expenses

Many workers now have the option of working from home or have been told that they have to work from home because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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