Long Term Disability Benefits

Long Term Disability Insurance through ERISA and self-funded Private-Policy plans helps support persons who are unable to work because they are sick or injured. However, retaining Long Term Disability Benefits is not always an easy process, and in many cases the employer or insurance company may attempt to deny those benefits.

Lebau & Neuworth is strongly committed to assisting the sick or injured with getting their fair amounts of disability insurance benefits paid. Through years of experience, our attorneys are experts in getting Long Term Disability claims settled in each client’s favor.


A central part of Lebau & Neuworth’s practice is litigation involving the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the federal law that governs many employee benefit plans such as health insurance, pension and retirement, and disability insurance plans. Importantly, ERISA supersedes any state law relating to employee benefit plans.

Lebau & Neuworth lawyers help employees who have been denied disability benefits subject to ERISA. These individuals turn to our firm for help with effectively handling ERISA disability denials of both long-term and short-disability benefits claims.

Our disability benefit lawyers represent disabled clients suffering from a wide-range of health conditions in ERISA-related claims at all stages, from the initial claim to the appeal and, if necessary, litigation.

Lebau & Neuworth works to successfully resolve insurance claims without litigation, providing documentation to support the employee’s claim. But if litigation becomes necessary, we have extensive experience handling suits to recover ERISA benefits.

Private Policy Plans

Private Disability Benefits can protect a sick or injured individual from unforeseen income loss while supplementing other insurance plans, providing additional security against economic hardships. However, insurance companies can deny claims for a multitude of questionable reasons.

Lebau & Neuworth protects the rights of persons who have been wrongly denied disability benefits from Private Policy Plans, representing individuals who have submitted legitimate claims but were left without insurance. Our disability benefit lawyers are committed to solving any of the multitude of frequent disputes that can occur when an insurer denies payment of benefits for any reason.

Our skilled attorneys have gone up against the country’s largest insurers in Private Disability Benefits cases, winning millions of dollars for our clients in the process. Through many years, we have represented many employees who have been denied their rightful Disability Benefits for bogus reasons ranging from the insurer disagreeing with a physician to the insurance company claiming that the disabled employee can still work at another position.

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