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Assessing the Impact of Federal Entitlement Benefits on Employment

Assessing the Impact of Federal Entitlement Benefits on Employment

Lebau and Neuworth partner attorney Richard Neuworth recently made a new and important presentation on the topic of Federal Entitlement Benefits and how they affect employment law.

Those federal benefits that affect employment litigation are:

  • Social Security (regular benefits)
  • Social Security (disability benefits)
  • Medicare (health insurance program)
  • Medicaid (health insurance program)
  • Affordable Care Act of 2010 (health insurance program)

To view the presentation, click here.

The topic was timely because of the large numbers of older and disabled workers that left the work force due to COVID 19 since February 2002 through to the present. In fact, many such workers will have difficulty finding other employment.

The issues addressed in the presentation concern how entitlement benefits interface with employment law cases primarily dealing with age and disability discrimination; the Family and Medical Leave Act; health insurance; and causes of action available to Medicare recipients.

The presentation was designed to show how individuals could also keep the proceeds of settlements and/or judgments without jeopardizing federal benefits to which the former or present employee was legally entitled before filing legal actions against past and present employers.

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