Health Insurance & COBRA

Employees in need of Health Insurance are often in a very vulnerable situation at those moments, and if those employees are promised Health Insurance benefits by their employers, they should receive those benefits. Lebau & Neuworth has successfully litigated many class and individual actions involving Health Insurance losses and reductions to ensure employees receive their needed – and rightfully earned – Health Insurance benefits.

When an employee’s Health Insurance rights are violated, Lebau & Neuworth works with the client to develop solutions to the conflict with insurance companies, medical professionals and government organizations. Our employment lawyers have the technical expertise in understanding federal and state statutes to determine if an employee’s Health Insurance benefits are protected and to advise the client of his or her Health Insurance options.

Importantly, with the healthcare system continuously changing, Lebau & Neuworth employment lawyers remain committed to staying well-informed on changing laws that can affect clients.

When dealing with issues involving COBRA – the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, which gives employees the right to keep and continue paying premiums for group health insurance after their work hours have been reduced or they have lost or quit their jobs – it is vital that an individual is fully aware of his or her rights provided under COBRA.

The experienced lawyers of Lebau & Neuworth know how COBRA works and represents employees to ensure they receive the benefits to which they are entitled, because Federal law requires that employers continue making COBRA benefits available to former employees.

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