How does Lebau & Neuworth decide which clients to represent?

The decision is very much a case-by-case process. Some of the factors we consider include:

  • Can we provide meaningful assistance? In other words, does the potential client really need a lawyer?
  • Does the client have realistic expectations and objectives? We are direct and forthright with potential clients in advising what we believe to be realistic expectations and objectives based on the specific facts of each individual matter. We also will provide the basis for our assessment. We do not want to represent someone who, even though seriously damaged or harmed, has expectations that simply cannot be met. We work hard for our clients and obtain the best possible results; we will not mislead people just to entice them to choose us as their lawyer.
  • Will the potential client work with us? Oftentimes, we have to ask our clients to assist us in case preparation by making themselves available for phone calls and meetings and to assist us with investigation. We work around the schedules of our clients, but we do expect our clients to make time for us when we need them.

What are the terms Lebau & Neuworth offers for representation?

The terms we offer to represent clients may include representation on a contingency basis (generally meaning no recovery/no fee), hourly basis, and/or a combination of the two. The facts of each individual case will dictate the terms we can offer. Litigation is very expensive and, therefore, is usually done on some sort of contingency or mixed-fee agreement.

Some matters cannot be handled on purely a contingency-fee basis, and we will explain if that is applicable to a situation.

Our attorney-client agreements are usually no more than one page, and we will review the terms with the client and answer all of his or her questions.

What value can Lebau & Neuworth add if I don't have a strong legal claim or if I don’t want to sue?

We frequently assist clients when they either don’t want to sue or don’t have a strong legal claim.

In doing so, we act as advisers to our clients and assist them in protecting their jobs and responding appropriately to discipline, evaluations and unfair actions of employers. We provide practical and real-word advice on how to deal with the employer, acting as a behind-the-scenes HR advocate. Oftentimes, this is as equally important as providing only legal advice.

While representing only employees – not companies or unions – for more than 25 years, Lebau & Neuworth has the experience you need to deal with your employer.

Are Lebau & Neuworth trial lawyers?

Yes, we are. We take cases to trial to win. Because we do, our adversaries know that we are serious and trial-ready. This helps us get the best-possible settlements before a trial – but if the case does not settle, we go the distance.

How does Lebau & Neuworth go "toe-to-toe" with huge companies and law defense firms?

Lebau & Neuworth attorneys only represent individuals. We are focused only on employment law, employee rights, employee benefits, disability benefits and whistleblower claims. We have more than 60 years of knowledge and experience that has given us a skillset to compete and prevail against large businesses, insurance companies and employers.

Moreover, we recognize that each client is entitled to the best representation. Each client rightly believes his or her case is the most important – and rightly so.

Because we are extremely selective in the cases and matters we take on, we have the time to represent each client as if he or she were our only client.

With this approach, we have negotiated with and litigated against Fortune 100 companies and some of the most prestigious academic and research institutions in the country.

Why should I choose Lebau & Neuworth?

We are truly focused on what it takes to properly and successfully represent employees in a variety of work-related legal issues. We are committed and dedicated – our results speak for themselves.

Our success is also the product of being a different kind of employment-law firm. We are informal and always accessible, and we don’t mislead, exaggerate or entice. We live and breathe the truth and seeking justice for our clients.

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