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Lebau & Neuworth Clients Enjoy Success In Individual Wage-Hour Disputes

Lebau & Neuworth Clients Enjoy Success In Individual Wage-Hour Disputes

Lawyers often engage in the three “Bs” when talking about their larger class-action overtime cases: boast, brag and bulls**t. But at Lebau & Neuworth, while we do take on large cases, we are just as excited to do our “B”-type cases – the bread and butter cases of individual wage-hour disputes.

Lebau & Neuworth attorneys each has a docket full of individual wage-hour cases, in which we just represent one worker at a time against one employer at time for owed wages, including overtime. We are experts in employment law and have been taking on those cases for more than two decades while getting our clients the wages they are owed.

Several of our recent successful, individual wage cases include:

  • We represented an administrative working for several physicians in Baltimore County, Maryland. For years, she worked for more than full-time and often worked through her lunches, and worked early and later. She was never paid overtime. In addition, the doctors sometimes paid her in cash which resulted in her being issued fraudulent and inaccurate tax returns. Leveraging the employer’s tax fraud with the owed overtime, we obtained a very positive result for our client, who was very pleased.
  • In two separate and unrelated cases, Lebau & Neuworth attorneys represented two IT workers whom their employers treated as exempt from overtime. They were paid on a salary basis. One employee worked as a trouble-shooter/help desk in assisting customers in use his employer’s computer product. The second, with the job title of “computer technician” did very basis networking, wiring and installation, for his employer. Both often worked more than 40 hours and on week-ends. By the nature of their job duties, the employees were entitled to overtime wages. We filed suit and within 45 days, both clients obtained two times the overtime wages owed to them.
  • We got justice for a client who o who worked outside under tough conditions in Worcester County, Maryland. Rather, than paying overtime to our client, his employer would make him take comp time off when the employer chose. Further, the employer did not even provide our client with 1.5 hours off paid for every hour worked. Our client received two times the wages owed to him because the employer had an unlawful comp time policy.

In all of the cases, the guilty employer, not our client, paid us the attorney fees and costs we incurred.

We don’t shy away from representing any employee who has been wronged by his or her employer simply because he or she will be the only worker we represent against the employer.

So call us if you think you are owed wages (overtime, commissions, bonuses, etc.) or if your employer has somehow damaged you. We may be able to help! ontact Lebau & Neuworth at 888-456-2529 or lebauneuworth.com/contact-us.

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