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Lebau & Neuworth Helped More Than 500 Workers Get Owed Wages in 2017

Lebau & Neuworth Helped More Than 500 Workers Get Owed Wages in 2017

The results are in -- In 2017, Lebau & Neuworth attorneys represented more than 500 workers get the overtime and owed wages they were due from the employers. The total amount recovered was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A  few of the cases included:

two software companies that misclassified its help desk and IT support staff as exempt employees;
delivery drivers for a major online retainer who did not pay the drivers overtime properly;
an assisted living company that automatically deducted  from employee time records for meal breaks and rest periods, when employees regularly worked through such breaks;
a franchise restaurant with multiple locations that did not properly use the “tip credit” and failed to pay overtime to its waitstaff;
debt collectors who were not paid overtime;
electricians for a State contractor who were paid straight time and not overtime when working more than 40 hours in workweek; and
waitresses at a bar who was only paid in tips.

Lebau & Neuworth attorneys only represent employees, never employers. If you or someone you know has not been paid the wages owed, contact us at 888-456-2529 or

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